Kami prihatin tentang kesihatan & keselamatan para jemaah, keluarga dan masyarakat.

Oleh itu Shahidah akan berkerjasama dengan ST&T International, untuk menyemak informasi kesihatan anda. Kami mengalakkan anda untuk melakukan rutin senaman harian, mengambil makanan – makanan sihat dengan gabungan produk Ayoobi.

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Online Books

Get our Manasik Umrah and Hajj guides online. You can download and view the books anywhere and at anytime. There is also the ‘Ibadah Harian’ book and special sharing from our director, Hj Ayoob Angullia.

Online Payment

Now you can pay online. Pay your remaining fees with this cashless service without the hassle of handling big cash and going to our office. We accept paynow and bank transfer. Please click the link below for more details.

Online Shop

Our products include men’s ihram, women’s telekung, hand carry bag or even the Jasmin Hygiene Supplies for women. Now you can buy them online. You may opt for delivery or self collect it at our office.

ST&T International

Established in 1998, ST&T International Pte Ltd is registered with the General Insurance Association of Singapore. We are the first and sole provider of travel insurance and specialise in offering Travel Health services to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims in ASEAN countries.

ST&T’s Hospital network is present in the Holy City of Makkah and Madinah Al- Munawarah, where we also have customer service officers made available at all our designated medical centres and hospitals.

ST&T is part of the Shahidah Group of companies under the leadership of Mr Ayoob Angullia. The Company has offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We serve both the Singapore and Brunei markets and have been working very closely with Insurance Islam TAIB from Brunei.

Jasmin Stay Fresh

Disposable panty suitable for pilgrims while on their Hajj or Umrah and even pregnant ladies. The high waisted panty panty is made with a cotton fabric blend that is so stretchy. Your body can move in any direction without unwanted constriction.

We aim to provide convenience to women in keeping good hygiene while travelling. Follow our social media at Jasmin Stay Fresh and contact us to purchase!

Ayoobi Wholsome Goodness

Islam is not just a religion but also a way of life for many Muslims. Muslims are encouraged to live a healthy life in order to remain physically and mentally fit.

Start your day with these sunnah food that boasts both nutritional and spiritual value. This healthy breakfast bundle comes with two price: $50 and $120 only. The bundle includes Organic Rolled Oats, Golden Flaxseed, Virgin Olive Oil and Acacia Honey.

Shahidah Group of Companies